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December 31, 2017 - 5:15 p.m.
a look back on 2017

Hey Journal!

Well, here we are...on the last day of 2017! I'm here early to write my final entry of the year and to reflect back on some of the biggest events of 2017.

So, I would have to say that the biggest thing that happened with the most effect on me was the leg/groin pain issue that I dealt with for the majority of the year.

Now, I've said it before... 2017 was probably the worst year of my life so far. Now, that being said, it's probably a good thing that nothing more serious has ever occurred. I've had more doctor appointments this year than I think I have probably had in my whole life up to this point. I think. I mean, I don't have hard number for the previous 34 years but it's definitely been a crazy year. It all started back on January 3rd and it was bad. I remember sitting on the couch in such pain and it would even hurt when I walked. I had the frozen carrots that I would put on my inner thigh to ease the pain and I've tried a lot of other weird remedies these past 12 months. I never thought that it would last this long. Luckily, in June it really started to take a turn for the better and with the help of a great physical therapist (side note: who now, according to Instagram, is pregnant) I started to feel a lot better. September and October were months where it really started to make a turn and now I feel about 90% better. It still hurts sometimes when I sit, but it's not nearly as terrible as it first was. The most frustrating part about the whole ordeal is that there has never been a conclusive answer for what in my leg/groin is damaged or causing the pain.

Despite the irritation and frustration of all of this, we went on some great vacations. In February we went to Florida to see Dan's parents' new condo and we also took a great cruise on the brand new Carnival Vista! Then, in June we went to Yellowstone National Park! I had never been there and it was amazing to see all of the natural wonders that have formed on top of a dormant volcano! It's unbelievable.

Then, in the fall we went on a trip to Las Vegas and Arizona and had a great time in the warm weather just seeing what we could find in the desert!

I caught a lot of Pokemon if that means anything!

Lau had a baby, so that was pretty big news in our group and although we've only seen him once, I'm sure there will be many fun times ahead. (Or we may never see Lau again! No... Only joking!)

Work has been good. Despite some small little hiccups everything is going really well and I'm happy with my job and happy with how things are going. This winter is going to be interesting with the restaurant closed AND I will be only one there. I want to sell as many memberships as I can, and hopefully we'll get some good calls in the coming weeks.

And as we get closer to the end of the year, we had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

In more recent news, as you know from yesterday, Norm Vincent passed away. That's really shocking and I don't even know what happened! He was 61 years old and our favorite musician. We discovered him many years ago in the summer of 2010 while randomly walking down the street in Port Jeff. His great music lured us in and we came back many times with several different friends to enjoy his music. He left the Steamroom, which in my opinion was the best venue he played at, and we followed him to the bagel store, vineyards, and other locations around town. He was always so friendly, so genuinely nice, and of course he played many Clambakes at the golf course as well as our wedding!

He was a great guy, and although he took breaks that were just a little too long, he was the absolute best! He was taken too soon! I thought we had many many more years of enjoying his music. Alas, it wasn't to be.

And now 2017 comes to a close. I hope that the literal pain I've felt in 2017 will not follow me into the new year. I want to keep feeling better and I want to do more exciting things. If 2018 is a better year than 2017 it will be an incredible year. And seeing how I am already feeling so much better I am very confident that will be the case!

This evening we are off to ring in the new year with Mikey and Theresa and we're planning to stay over their house tonight so we don't have to drive home later at night with all the craies on the roads!

Until next year...

Goodnight. :)

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